New England Stonescapes
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Cliff Basford - Stonemason/Dry Waller
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Even the Ancients appreciated a tightly packed stone wall!
"The Myrmidons enter the battle: 'Tight as a mason packs a good stone wall.'"
HOMER'S ILIAD, Book 16 line 251

New England Stonescapes
Hello, I'm Cliff Basford of New England Stonescapes. I build natural dry stone walls across New England that beautify your property, as well as increase the value of your home.

With over 36 years experience, each stone wall is handcrafted by me. Every stone wall I craft has its own unique character, aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The heart of the stone wall consists of select stone fragments hammered tightly together to insure that no settling takes place over time, maintaining the integrity of the stone wall for generations to come.

Call me today for a free estimate for a beautifully designed dry stone wall that will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

My interest in stonework began while working for a stone mason back in 1980. I took to it immediately, and soon discovered a natural talent for it. In 1983 while taking a leisurely drive, I came upon a wall that was falling down and decided to ask the owner if they wanted it repaired, to which they replied yes; thus New England Stonescapes was born. Stonework is like a meditation to me and as a philosopher and student of life I have noticed that the more I let things happen in their own way, the better things tend to work out. For me, good stonework flows, and happens spontaneously. In that respect it is like good art. Good stonework requires working with the natural laws and using gravity to work with you insuring the wall to be there for many years to come. I look at my walls as enduring monuments, like Stonehenge, that will be there for many generations, after I am long gone, and I imagine people wondering, "Who built these beautiful walls"?
New England Stonescapes is fully insured and specializes in building dry and wet fieldstone walls, stone steps and stone patios - competitive pricing and complete customer satisfaction guaranteed
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Phone: (978) 768-6282
Essex, MA 01929